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Pre-order: Pasta Gift Set


No good pasta without good olive oil. It’s that simple. Italians have known that for a long time. Ever since we tasted the Martelli family’s spaghetti, it’s all we can think about. They use the best hard wheat kneaded with cold water on bronze plates. With this artisan spaghetti and a high-quality pasta sauce made from homegrown, sun-ripened tomatoes, you can hardly go wrong at home either. We’ll throw in a nice recipe too.

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One luxury refillable bottle. 1 x 450 ml cold pressed olive oil. One pouring spout. One passata di pomodoro (250 gr). One spaghetti (500 gr).


About the Starter Kit

Our extra virgin olive oil is 100% natural. The olives are harvested when they are fully ripe and pressed immediately in order to preserve all the flavour and healthy antioxidants. After pressing, the oil is then filtered and spun so no water or pulp is left. No pulp and no water means you can heat your oil up to 260°C without it getting smoky or splashy. Grilling happiness awaits…

Our bottle is made from Violet glass, a special type of light reflecting glass for a very good reason. Violet and infrared light are slowing down the aging process. So this bottle blocks all colours except these two. This special black glass means your oLivery oil stays perfect for up to 12 months.

The distinctive yellow packaging of Martelli pasta is made with passion, and you can taste that. Since 1926, the spaghetti has been produced according to traditional methods in Italy. The Martelli family personally ensures that the pasta is made according to the best Italian tradition. For anyone who values quality and enjoys an excellent plate of pasta ‘al dente’.

The Don Antonio passata di pomodoro is made entirely from homegrown tomatoes that are only picked when they are fully ripe. And because a centuries-old recipe is followed, it is made into a tasty sauce with very little salt and a lot of care. A great base for almost any pasta.