The best Italian olive oil

Starter Kit | Smart Bottle


oLivery is the world’s very first olive oil in a Smart Bottle. From now on, you’ll never have to worry about your olive oil supply anymore. When your bottle is almost empty, the chip on the back sends a Bluetooth message to the mobile app, Adrich. The app asks if you’d like to order some more oil and then sends us a message if you do. Your order is then delivered in a sustainable refill pack that fits neatly through your letterbox.  Your new oil will be on your doormat the following day.

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Starter kit Smart Bottle

We bottle the best Italian olive oil and deliver it to you whenever you need it. Quickly, simply and deliciously. You can use oLivery oil for everything from grilling to dressings, from cooking to dipping – anything requiring excellent olive oil.

Here’s how it works

Once we’ve received your order, we’ll send your Smart Bottle and your first refill pack. Then you just fill up the bottle, download the Adrich app, link it to your smart phone via Bluetooth and that’s it. Cook away without worrying if you’re down to your last drop.

Once you’ve used 80% of your oil, the chip in your bottle sends a Bluetooth message to our app and asks if you’d like to order some more oil. Simply click OK to confirm and you’re done. Enjoy the rest of your cooking.

As soon as we receive your confirmation, our logistics centre automatically sends you a new refill pack. Order before noon and your new refill pack will arrive the next day. What’s more, the refill pack will be delivered through your letterbox so no need to stay home and wait for the delivery man.

And just in case you were worrying, your Smart Bottle has a Bluetooth connection with your phone – not a 24/7 direct hot line to us. That kind of George Orwell 1984 business would freak us out too.

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