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Olivery oil is 100% pure nature. The olives are harvested when they are fully ripe and pressed immediately in order to preserve all the flavour and healthy antioxidants. After pressing, the oil is then filtered and spun so no water or pulp is left.
Yes! No pulp and no water means you can heat your oil up to 260°C without it getting smoky or splashy.
The bottle is 35 cm high (including the pourer).
Well, plastic is far more energy efficient for a start. To make or even recycle glass, you need to heat it to very high temperatures which increases the carbon footprint. Glass is also impractical and heavy to transport. Our refill pack is light, needs very little material to protect what’s inside and can be delivered through regular post.
You can choose one of these payment methods: iDeal, Paypal and credit card.
For a subscription, like Repeat, you can choose between SePa of credit card.
Yes, our olive oil is 100% made of olives. So totally vegan.
Our olive oil is from Puglia, in the south if Italy.
We are developing and testing a Smart Bottle. We will start to deliver the first batch of the Smart Bottles in October 2021.
Our testing shows that the included battery will power the oLivery bottle for well over 3 years.
Go to and follow the steps.
Yes, the bottle connects with your phone by Bluetooth.
We just started with our Smart Bottle. At this time we our using the app of our Smart Label supplier Adrich. Search in the app store for: Adrich 2.0. And Download it. Fill in your email address and choose a password. Also switch on your notifications and location.
To make your Smart Bottle refill automatically you'll need to do a payment of €0,01. This way the automatic payment is installed. An amount will only be charged when you'll need a refill.
You can pay with a credit card or with SePa (automatic transfer).
No, the app is running in the background and finds a signal when you'll use the Smart Bottle.
Open the Adrich app and start pouring your Smart Bottle. After a few seconds you will see a synchronization.

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