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Olivery olie is 100% puur natuur. Onze boer Michele plukt de olijven pas als ze volledig rijp zijn, en daarna worden ze zo snel mogelijk geperst zodat de smaak en de gezonde antioxidanten zo goed mogelijk bewaard blijven.
Na het persen wordt de olie gefilterd en gecentrifugeerd. Zonder water en vruchtvlees kun je de olie loeiheet verwarmen zonder dat het gaat spetteren of walmen. Moet jij eens opletten hoe prettig dat is.
Well, plastic is far more energy efficient for a start. To make or even recycle glass, you need to heat it to very high temperatures which increases the carbon footprint. Glass is also impractical and heavy to transport. Our refill pack is light, needs very little material to protect what’s inside and can be delivered through regular post.

It’s far more efficient and environmentally friendly than parcel deliveries or buying your oil from the supermarket. So olive oil in the post is the way forward. We’ve also designed our refill pack so that you can squeeze every last drop of oil into your bottle. Zero waste, maximum taste. Glass bottles leave between 6 and 14% of the product in packaging.
Our testing shows that the included battery will power the oLivery bottle for well over a year.

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