The best Italian olive oil

Refills – 2x


You can use our oil for everything from grilling to dressings, from cooking to dipping – anything requiring excellent olive oil. One refill with 450 ml cold pressed olive oil fits perfectly in the oLivery bottle and fits through your letterbox.

Olive oil through the letterbox

Olive oil for backing, dressing and dipping.

Our extra virgin olive oil is 100% natural. The olives are harvested when they are fully ripe and pressed immediately in order to preserve all the flavour and healthy antioxidants. After pressing, the oil is then filtered and spun so no water or pulp is left. No pulp and no water means you can heat your oil up to 260°C without it getting smoky or splashy. Grilling happiness awaits…
At the moment, our refill pack is made from recyclable plastic – currently the best solution for sending olive oil by post.