The best Italian olive oil

Refill Repeat – 2x

From: 20,90 every 8 weeks

With oLivery repeat you will receive every 2 (L), 4 (M), 6 (S/M) or 8 weeks (S) the very best olive oil in your letterbox. One refill with 450 ml cold pressed olive oil fits perfectly in the Basic Bottle.


Olive oil subscription

Simple. Delicious. Delivered.

You can use our oil for everything from grilling to dressings, from cooking to dipping – anything requiring excellent olive oil. At the moment, our refill pack is made from recyclable plastic – currently the best solution for sending olive oil by post.

Why do we use plastic instead of glass? Well, plastic is far more energy efficient for a start. Glass is also impractical and heavy to transport. Our refill pack is light, needs very little material to protect what’s inside and can be delivered through regular post. We’ve also designed our refill pack so that you can squeeze every last drop of oil into your bottle. Zero waste, maximum taste.