The best Italian olive oil

Refill Subscription


Available: every 4 weeks

You can use our oil for frying, dressing, and dipping. One refill package contains 500 ml extra virgin olive oil, exactly enough to completely refill your bottle. And can go with the letterbox post.


About the Refill Subscription


Our extra virgin olive oil is delivered every 4 weeks and is made from cold-pressed olives from Puglia in southern Italy. Our oil comes from trees from the protected National Park of Gargano. The family business our farmer Michele Clemente has been harvesting olives there since 1895 with great respect for the park. oLivery oil is 100% pure nature. The olives are only picked when they are fully ripe, and then they are pressed as quickly as possible so that the taste and the healthy antioxidants are preserved as well as possible.
After pressing, the oil is filtered and centrifuged. Without water and flesh you can heat the oil hot without splashing or smelling. A refill package can be delivered in a small package with the regular mail. The regular mail is a very efficient system, and a lot friendlier than parcel post.