How it started

Olive oil from Liquido d'Oro

Liquido d'Oro was our parent company. They have been around since 2009, and Olivery was a trial balloon a few years ago. The story begins with Ridder Drost.Read further.

The Tuscan Olive Garden

The Story of Ridder

. When Ridder didn't know what he wanted to do after graduation, he decided to get on a train and see the world. After a few wanderings, he ended up in Tuscany on an olive grove.He liked it. The pace of life was determined by the speed of the seasons. Knight learned to pick, process, bottle, and maintain a grove there. He saw that perfect olive oil was being made there. The oil masters spoke of "il liquido d'Oro," the liquid gold. They were proud of their excellent product, not because they became rich from olive oil.

Made from the finest ingredients.

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Liquido d'Oro's olive oils are flavourful and add a finishing touch to your dishes.Look at the flavours