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Chili Pepper olive oil | 250ml


Our chili pepper olive oil is a spicy olive oil. Perfect with your pizza, pasta and steak.

  • Price from 2 bottles: 10,95
  • Price from 3 bottles: 8,95

Al Peperoncino | 250ml

This chili pepper olive oil is made from the Coratina and Ogliarola olives from the groves of Puglia and chili peppers.
This extra virgin oil has something of a kick to it. Within 6 hours of hand-picking the harvest, our olives and the chilli peppers are then slowly cold pressed together to capture the maximum taste and quality all in one delicious oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: All’Aglio
Region: Apulia
Farmer: Maurizio Cortese
Production region: The garlic has its origin in the nothern part of Bari and is used a lot in Apulia
Height: 50-350 m above sea level
Variety of olives used: Ogliarola and Coratina
Harvesting technique: Hand picked
Harvesting season: From the beginning of November until the end of December

Nutrition information Values
Per 100 ml
Energy 3389 kJ (824 kcal)
Fat 92 g
of which saturated fat 13 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
of which sugar 0 g
Proteins 0 g
Salt 0 g