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Rosemary olive oil | 250ml


Rosemary olive oil is wonderful on grilled fish, meat and vegetables. You can also try tossing your potatoes in them before roasting or after boiling instead of butter. And for a real treat, try it drizzled over your pizza.

  • Price from 2 bottles: 10,95
  • Price from 3 bottles: 8,95

Al Rosmarino | 250 ml

Al Rosmarino is our rosemary oil and it is made from our Ogliarola and Coratina olives grown by the Galantino family in Puglia. These olives have a slight pepper and grass edge that is necessary to stand up to the power of the rosemary; a herb not to be underestimated.


Nutrition information Values
Per 100 ml
Energy                 3389 kJ (824 kcal)
Fat                                        92 g
of which saturated fat      13 g
Carbohydrates                   0 g
of which sugar                   0 g
Proteins                              0 g
Salt                                       0 g

After handpicking both the olives and rosemary, we cold press the rosemary leaves with the olives to release the essential oils that give this oil its full, intense and pine-like flavour.